FITSPA Rings in Women's Day with Inspiration, Action and a pledge for change: The Launch of the Gender champions.

FITSPA kicked off Women's Day 2024 celebrations with a resounding call to action, centered around amplifying the voices and contributions of women in the Ugandan FinTech space.

Themed "Launch of the Gender Champions," the event held on 7th March 2024 at Protea Hotel in Kololo not only celebrated the achievements of outstanding women but also solidified a commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable industry.

During the event, there was a discussion on the significance of the FITSPA Women program, focusing on its initiatives like mentorship, career coaching, and training programs. These activities are designed to enhance capacity, promote knowledge sharing, and foster career development.

Women Day Talk

From Inspiration to Action: Rebooting the Mentorship Program

The event marked the much-anticipated return of the FITSPA Mentorship Program. The line-up of mentors included notable figures including Ms. Philippa Muzahura, Head of Digital Financial Services at NCBA Bank, Ms. Mariam Nkamwesigye, Head of IT at Interswitch, Ms. Katusiime Maria Assumpta, Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Living Goods, and Ms. Barbara Among Arinda, Executive Director at CRBA and Wincurve, Ms Doreen Lukanda, Vice President, Beyonic/Onafriq and Ms Primera Muthoni, Founder, Analytics Business Center.
The function buzzed with excitement, highlighting the profound impact of mentorship on achieving success. FITSPA passionately encouraged experienced women in the Fintech ecosystem to join the program as mentors, emphasizing the significance of collective empowerment within the community.
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Doreen also announced that so far, over 25 mentees have registered to join 2024’s first cohort of the program and encouraged others to join.

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During the event, the FITSPA Women committee that is responsible for nurturing the community and streamlining the programs was also announced and applauded by Ms. Josephine Olok, the FITSPA Board Chairperson. The committee includes Ms. Doreen Lukandwa from Onafriq as the Chairperson of the committee, Ms. Christine Musisi, Executive Director at INOZa as the Patron, Ms. Primera Muthoni from Analytics Business Center, Ms. Alice Namuli from Katende Ssempebwa Advocates, Ms. Hazel Tweigye from Kyosk, Ms. Juliet Tumuzoire from Stanbic Bank, Mr. Stephen Musoke from Onafriq, Ms. Carol Kyazze Kakooza from Axiom Zorn, and Ms Edith Kutesa, Chief Executive Officer, MCash (U) Ltd.

The Conversation
The event featured inspiring talks from prominent figures within the FinTech ecosystem. Ms. Josephine Olok, a leading voice in the industry as Director and Co-founder of LumJo Consultants Ltd and Board Chairperson at FITSPA, opened the day with a powerful message, highlighting the historical gender disparity in STEM fields and urging continued efforts to champion women's representation, dismantle barriers, and amplify the voices of women in FinTech.
Ms. Carol Kyazze Kakooza, Executive Director at Axiom Zorn and a member of the FITSPA Women committee, the main event speaker and guest of honor, then took the stage. Ms. Kakooza, a true inspiration, shared her personal journey within FinTech, offering invaluable insights. She equipped attendees with practical strategies for overcoming gender challenges, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, targeted professional development programs, and confidence building. Her call to action for leveraging networks and actively participating in industry forums provided a clear path for women to navigate the complexities of FinTech. Her insights provided a valuable roadmap for success.
Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: FITSPA Women Takes Center Stage

The event wasn't just about individual triumphs; it was about fostering a strong and supportive community. Attendees were encouraged to leverage the FITSPA Women WhatsApp group, a valuable platform for staying connected and informed about programs, activities, and crucial professional opportunities within the Fintech space.
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FITSPA further empowered women by announcing a range of exciting initiatives designed to propel them into leadership roles. From speaking engagements and panel participation to leadership opportunities within the FITSPA community, these initiatives provide a platform for women to step outside their comfort zones and take center stage for their personal development.

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Another speaker, Ms. Edith Kuteesa, CEO at Mcash and a champion of resilience, emphasized the importance of learning from mistakes, pursuing goals with passion and perseverance, and cultivating a healthy work-life balance.

Women Day Talk

A Collective Pledge to support Women in Fintech

The most significant takeaway from the event was the momentous pledge signed by prominent business leaders. This collective action, spearheaded by Mr. Paul Sefa Badu, the Head of Retail Business at Standard Chartered Bank, signified a turning point. Industry heavyweights such as Ms. Edith Kutesa, Ms. Carol Kyazze, Ms. Christine Musisi, CEO and Founder at INOZA, and Mr. Mutebi Alawi, CEO at Eurosat Group of Companies, joined forces in a powerful display of unity. This pledge signifies a commitment to championing the advancement of women in FinTech, dismantling barriers, and paving the way for a more inclusive future.
Ms. Christine Musisi closed the event encouraging the women to believe in themselves and grow their networks saying "I believe in the concept of multiplication. When you add value, your networks multiply."

The energy continued to surge throughout the event, culminating into a dynamic networking session. This vibrant exchange fostered valuable connections for the women present, establishing a strong foundation for collaboration and the collective advancement of women in Fintech.

The Road Ahead

The energy at the FITSPA Women's Day event was electric. It was a day that celebrated women's achievements, fostered empowerment, and most importantly, spurred action. As the Ugandan FinTech industry moves forward, FITSPA's unwavering dedication to fostering a thriving community for women serves as a beacon of hope for a transformative future. With continued collaboration and unwavering support, women are poised to rise as leaders, shaping the Ugandan FinTech landscape in remarkable ways.
A Call to Action

The FITSPA Women “Launch of the Gender champions” wasn't a one-day celebration; it's an ongoing movement. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Join the FITSPA Women WhatsApp group to stay connected and informed about upcoming programs and opportunities.
  • Become a mentor: If you're an experienced woman in FinTech, consider signing up to mentor the next generation of leaders through the FITSPA Mentorship Program.
  • Advocate for change: Spread the word about the FITSPA Women's Day initiative and use your voice to champion gender equality within the FinTech space.

Together, we can make a difference. Let's celebrate the achievements of women in FinTech, empower the next generation of leaders, and forge a more inclusive future for the Ugandan FinTech industry.