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Our History

The Financial Technologies Services Providers’ Association (FITSPA) is the umbrella body for fintechs in Uganda with 206 members.

Over the years, FITSPA has gained experience and learnings in building a member based community, delivering value for the community and keeping members engaged. This hasn't come without challenges but we are fulfilled in knowing our members are thriving and winning. We are building partner networks with stakeholders for collaboration and partnerships so members can achieve growth.

Our Mission

To help create a conducive environment that stimulates innovation in Uganda’s financial services sector.

Our Vision

To act as a catalyst in the development of Uganda’s financial services industry that accelerates inclusive socio-economic growth towards attaining the desired middle income status.


FITSPA Aims To Support Uganda’s Bid To Become A Leading Fintech Destination By Increasing Access To Affordable Financial Services Through ICT And Promoting Financial Inclusion.


Learn from existing leaders and nurture the next generation of talent, Attract greater investment and build capacity for the industry to create cutting edge quality solutions that directly address pain points of their customers.


Bring together the diverse parts of the community AND Encourage open dialogue, collaboration and co-creation to support the fintech ecosystem through the development of robust, reliable technology


We are a channel through which the ecosystem voices their opinions and feedback on legislative and regulatory issues which we advance to relevant stakeholders.

FITSPA's Objectives

Represent members interest

To represent the interests of members across political institutions, associations and companies in all matters regarding provision of financial technology services.

Influence policy development

To influence the development of feasible policies that facilitate provision of high quality financial technology services.

Promote public understanding

To promote public understanding about the importance and function of technology in the banking and finance sector.

Provide a common platform

To provide a platform through which members and potential members interact with each other through social events including meet ups, seminars, workshops and other informative avenues aimed at creating about trends and market opportunities.

Forge local & international partnership

To forge international and local partnerships to build a strong framework to effect desired changes in the financial techno



Engagements for the Fintech Stakeholders to share success, learnings and pain points


Causal networking events that allows members to share more about their experience and their Trade


Member visits - Annual secretariat courtesy visits to individual FITSPA members


A Conference that brings together industry stakeholders to identify, track and discus industry trends with an aim of improving the Fintech ecosystem in Uganda and beyond


The Sector Driven Forums are a platform for members, experts, and stakeholders to address industry challenges and together develop joint interventions through collaboration.


Our tailor-made training programs are designed to meet our members’ needs for skills development to facilitate growth in tandem with the evolving FinTech landscape.